Baby Got Back (to me. I wish. Hopefully soon?)


Life is too short to wait for one guy to call–Barbi

Dear Michele,

I went on this school trip for a business club last weekend, and I *gasp* met a boy. Who I liked. I ended up throwing him a note which said Hey sexy. Call me . I didn’t think he’d actually call me, but he did. So, to make the story short, I ended up crazy about him. So crazy that the next day, Sunday, I threw him another note when he and his friends were waiting in the hotel lobby with their luggage. And we text messaged. And he told me to come out and hug him before they left. And my hand drifted and….well, I’ll leave it at that. He called me like an hour later when I was leaving, and told me he cant receive calls on his phone or text messages because it’s a “family phone” but did I wanted him to call me (because he can make calls?) and I eagerly replied yes.

So here I am, obsessed and waiting for his call. He lives like an hour away and is 17, whereas I’m 14 (almost 15 in like a month… but I told him I’m 15 hehe). Should I call him even though he said not to, or should i just wait, and pray, he calls me?

-In Love With Sexy A**, Who Left Me Confused

Dear In Love,
You’re sassy. You’re assertive. When you were with him you oozed assurance. Which is one of the things that attracted him to you.

And means: no calling him. That and the fact that he assked you not to.

I agree that the phone set up is a little odd, maybe even asstonishing, and I’m not thrilled about the fact that it gives him all the control over what happens. If he were older I’d assume that he had a girlfriend or wife he didn’t want learning about you. Which would be pretty assinine.

However, since he’s seventeen I’m going to asscept the “family phone” excuse as accurate. Or maybe he doesn’t have a phone of his own and was using his mom’s for the weekend and was afraid to tell you that. (Which gives another reasson against calling him: MOM ANSWERING!!)

But the answer stays the same: don’t call him, he’ll call you. And while you’re waiting to hear from him, take some time to think about what a relationship means to you, and the things you want to have in it. Asside from his backside, that is. There’s too much fun to be had for you to limit your horizons to one guy who is already hard to reach.

That’s it for today mini-marshmallows!

Dr. J

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