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Although I don’t like to, I will admit, that my knowledge has boundaries. Also empty places. Only like three (lizard psychology, quark physics, and proper croissant eating) but still. Well, actually four: I’m not an expert on make up application. I’m okaaaaaaaaaay at it, but I felt you, the fab o’faberihan readers of Adviceopolis, deserved better.

So I invited a world famous make up artist to answer your questions.
Yes. I. Did.

She’s done make up for some people you might have heard of like Kristen Dunst and Missy Elliot and Sarah Michelle Gellar and Kate Hudson and Jennifer Lopez and Natalie Portman and Penelope Cruz and…anyway, the list is LONG. And now she’s answering YOUR make up questions. I know! Its amazing! (Seriously, check out her website to see what a superstar we have in our midst)

So please everyone put your hands together to welcome Doctor Nicole to Adviceopolis. And check out her unbelievable make up advice (complete with lists of recommended products you can get in your drugstore. HELLO CHRISTMUKAH CAME EARLY THIS YEAR!)

I’m going to prom this year and I was wondering if you could give me some advice on the type of eye makeup I should wear to make my eyes POP. I have dark brown, deep set eyes. I’m not fond of wild and crazy colors; I want my makeup to look somewhat natural. My hair is dark brown, nearly black, as are my eye brows and eye lashes. My skin is a cool ivory tone. My dress is sky blue and I’m accenting it with silver accessories. I have bronze, thick rimmed glasses. I know this sounds like a lot of information but I’m pretty clueless about makeup and I’ve tried to find info on the internet, but so far I haven’t come across anything that’s really helpful.

Naked Eyes

Nicole Writes:
Dear Naked Eyes:

Lucky girl, I love brown eyes! Brown eyes are great to dress up because they are neutral in color and almost anything makes them pop. Since you are wearing a blue dress you want to make sure your eye makeup compliments what you are wearing so try and stay clear of any hues which may look too matchy matchy (which is also tres tacky anyway) such as green or blue.
[Michele says: Er, excuse me while I go throw some things away.]

Some amazing colors for brown eyes are dark slate gray, gunmetal and black. And because prom is a really dressy affair, I think you should use shadows that are shimmery that way your eyes will catch the lights and dazzle ‘em. Adding a darker color like black to the outer corner of the eye will help define your eyes as well and make them really sultry. It’s what we call in the industry a “modified smoky eye”. Here is how you would do it:

1) Apply an matte egg shell or off white color to the entire lid (this is a flat non shimmery type of color).
2) Then with a sponge-tip shadow applicator apply a really awesome shimmering, gray or gunmetal color to the bottom half of the top eyelid. Then with your fingertip blend over that shadow well.
3) Then use the same applicator to apply a small dot of matte black eye-shadow to the outer corner of the eye. Again blend that with your fingertip making it appear smokey.
4) using the edge of the shadow applicator draw a line on your lower lid with the gunmetal or black shadow (it’s your choice gunmetal is softer, black will be more dramatic). Make sure you get very close to the lash line. Then take a q-tip and blend the line in so it looks smoky.
5) Finish that off with a coat of black mascara on top lid only (if you apply mascara to the bottom it will smudge by the end of the night, not a cute look!).

[Michele says: I tried this! I did what Nicole said and it TOTALLY WORKED!!! I looked so rad! If I must say so myself! Which I must since I am not allowed to leave the house because I am working on Bad Kitty 2—which, P.S. is not code for “eating bon bons and watching Animal Planet. Much.]

* For added drama, apply a small amount of lash glue to the back of a tiny crystal (only the tinniest crystal will work ). Then with a tweezer (use a pair of very blunt tweezers so you don’t poke yourself in the eye), apply the crystal to the middle of the bottom lash (on both eyes of course). Put it right underneath the lash so it just peeks out a little ). This will catch the lights and show right through your glasses making you look so magical.

You can purchase the tiny crystals from the nail department of your local drugstore and the glue you can find in right next to the false lashes (make sure to buy white eyelash adhesive which is safe to use around the eye and dries clear).

[Michele says: Please please please do this because it is approximately the coolest plus popsicles idea I have ever heard]

Keep the rest of your face very neutral by applying just a hint pinky blush to the cheeks (not too dramatic this color must be barely there) and a light pink colored sheer lip gloss to your mouth.

This is a really dreamy prom look!

Nicole’s Suggested Products

1) For eye shadow:
L’oreal infinite’ shadow quad in #904 smokey eyes

2) Blush:
Neutrogena Highlighting blend in #20 pink

3) Lips:
L’oreal lip gloss in glam shine #100
Maybeline NY shiny lipgloss in #40 lolly pink.

4) Mascara in black carbon Volumous



I’m an Irish girl, and I’m really, really pale. I
also love wearing makeup. But no matter how hard I
try, I can never find the right color for my skin! Is
it bad if my face is darker than my neck? Also, what
colors should I wear to flatter my complexion?

White and Wondering

Nicole Writes:
Dear white and wondering:

Finding the correct foundation is one of the hardest things to do but so totally important. It is truly yucky when you see someone whose face is covered in a shade that is either too light (which causes the ghostly look) or too dark (no this is not a good way to fake a tan) and can oxidize on your skin and turn that depressing orangey color.

[Michele: Wait, its NOT supposed to be orange? (throwing more stuff away)]

That being said, there are some tips which can help you avoid these makeup pitfalls.

For starters, you need to make sure you go to a store which will allow you to try on the foundations so you can see the way they look on your skin. Also, some foundations will turn colors on you so you want to see this before taking the plunge and buying them. I always suggest trying on at least two or three different colors so you can see contrast. It will help you see what really works and what doesn’t.

[Michele says: this is really really really good advice because this one time…well, never mind. Lets just say the words “HA HA HA that will be good for your MIME costume for Halloween” were spoken]

You said you are an Irish girl and really really pale so I am willing to bet that you have what we call a peaches and cream complexion. This means that your undertones are probably cool and pink (of course I can’t say for sure because I haven’t seen you but if your at a department store you can go to a makeup counter like Perscriptives and ask a makeup artist to tell you what undertones you have). If this is indeed the case, you have to go for a foundation to matches these pinky undertones.

If I were you, I would try on the first three or four colors of foundation in sequence so start with the lightest color and put a dot of that on just at the side of the chin. Next to that color apply the next darker shade and so on. You will probably start to notice the darker colors turn gray, and dull. This means they are too dark for your skin. The color that matches perfectly should blend in with incredible ease and should be only slightly darker then your neck. Foundation on your face should never actually look darker then your neck. If you can see that, then the foundation is too dark.

[Michele says: Unless you are trying to look like a robot assembled from the parts of different human cadavers here to take over the world. Then the line could be like a fashion statement. What? Why are you looking at me like that? You want me to zip it so Nicole can get on? Oh, I see how it is. One day I’m the—okay, okay, zipping.]

Sounds complicated right? Ok, here is another option:

Tinted moisturizer!

It’s fabulous especially for the summer because it is light in texture and most of them contain titanium dioxide which provides some sun protection (a “must have” especially for those with really pale skin). I think most foundations are too thick for summer and opting for a good tinted moisturizer is a great alternative. The best thing about this type of makeup is that they tend to come in three or four different shades ranging from light, medium, and dark. If you are as fair as you say you are, you’d probably go for the lightest shade.

The great thing about a fair complexion is that a little makeup goes a long way. With skin that has cool undertones you can go to the pink and reddish shades. Luckily this summer fashion designers have done away with the tan look and opted instead for a fresh, chic look which includes a sheer red lip with a light pink blush on the apples of the cheeks. This is actually the perfect look for your pale skin. When wearing a sheer red lip gloss, you want to wear a cool shimmery white eye shadow all over the lid with just a hint of black mascara. So summery, and so beautiful!

Nicole’s Suggested Products:

For foundations try:
1) L’oreal true match foundation (try classic ivory)
Stila natural finish oil free foundation

2) For tinted moisturizers try:
Stila illuminated tinted moisturizer
Neutrogena healthy skin enhancer (try fair to light color)

3) For eyeshadow try:
L’oreal wear infinite’ Frosted icing
l’oreal illumination loose pigment in high reflects

4) Lipgloss:
Almay #355 red shimmer gloss
Maybeline wet shine diamonds in #15 spoiled in rubies

5) For blush:
Revlon cream blush in berry flirtatious

6) Mascara in black carbon volumous.



Be shimmery!
Dr. J

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