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kitty-catDr. J! I have a weird question. Is it alright to shave… down there? Girls at my school go for bikini waxes, but my mom would never let me do that. She finds no reason to shave in the nether regions. Not that I’m planning on having sex any time lately, but I feel this is a pressing issue I’ll need to know for the rest of my life as a growing woman!
—Hair Apparent

Dear HA—
You have my word that nothing bad will happen if you shave your Down There Hair or, as I prefer to call it, the Mini Mane. As long as you’re careful, you can shave the Mini Mane into jaunty shapes (lightening bolts are easiest. I’ve heard.), or you can just shave to make sure nothing pokes out in a bathing suit. Try to use a moisturizer for sensitive skin afterwards.

[Ring Ring. Hello? Hi Meg! It's fabulous bestelling author Meg Cabot. What? Woah, that's an awesome tip, thanks!]
Meg just called on the blog phone and said to tell you ‘hi’ and also that putting stick deoderant all over the area you shaved stops you from getting ingrown hairs and rashes. (Which makes sense since you use it on your underarm area where the same conditions often apply. Yes, we are filled with science here in Adviceopolis.)

It is also okay NOT to shave the Mini Mane. It’s a question of personal preference. I have friends who wax, and friends who use depilatories like Nair (if you go that route BE SURE TO READ ALL THE DIRECTIONS BECAUSE OTHERWISE YOU MIGHT….um, never mind. Just read the directions) and friends who shave and friends who don’t shave. It’s up to you and you alone how you decide to Tame the Mane.

(Seriously, if you go the depilatory route, in the directions where they recommend testing a small patch of skin to see if you’re allergic before using the product, you might just, you know, do that. FYI.)

Ciao for now! Be hairing from you.

>airkissesDr. J

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