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Dr. Jaffe,

Are you supposed to wear lip gloss when kissing? Or is it super icky and tacky because it will end up on the guy’s face? Because I’m always WANTING to slap on the gloss, but worried that will make me RESISTABLE. And, of course, I want to be irresistible.

Lip BALM or Lip GLOSS?


The most important factor
When making this decision
Is which one YOU’d prefer to be sporting
During your lip collision

I love to gloss before I kiss
To make my lips shimmer and shine
And truthfully once the lips start locking
There’s not much gloss left on mine

So if the IR in IRRISISTIBLE is what you seek
There’s no need to be at a loss
Reach into your purse, smile into the mirror
And pile on the lipgloss


Dr. J

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