He kissed me and dissed me


Repeat after me: I am a princess I am a princess I am a princess.

Dear Michele,

So there’s this guy who has liked me for a while. I never really cared for him as a boyfriend, but in the past month I really started to like him. One day we were hanging out and he kissed me then asked me out. Of course I said yes. After, I told a few of my closest friends. Well at school two days later, somehow EVERYONE knew we had hooked up and it was pretty much the talk of the school. I should mention he is pretty popular and I’m pretty much not. Then when I got home and talked to him he broke up with me saying he just didn’t like me anymore and wanted to forget we ever dated and go back to being friends like before. He said there was no particular reason that he’s just “weird” when it comes to relationships. All of this makes absolutely no sense to me! I really like him and would love to have a relationship with him. What should I do?
–Burned by a Kiss

Dear Burned.

This is the part where we revive an ancient mantra and repeat it to ourselves. Ready?


I know some of the words are kind of fancy, but I’m sure the message is clear.

So here’s the thing: either this guy is addicted to the chase and only wants the girl he can’t have, losing interest when she shows interest, which makes him a royal jerk. Or he’s just a royal jerk for no reason. But either way, he is no prince charming and the Expert Panel and I say that the best thing for you is to work hard to get over him. Treat yourself like a princess, and others will follow suit. He has not treated you nicely, and we here at Adviceopolis frown on that. You deserve better than that. Why?


(Plus, chances are as soon as you seem to have moved on, he’ll be back begging for more.)
(Not that we are recommending this as a goal. Due to the NOT DATING PEOPLE WHO ARE MEAN TO US thing. We offer it merely as motivation.)

Phew, that was a LOT of advising. I have to go rest my caps lock fingers.

Tune in again soon when we introduce for the first time in America our patented CIAO Program–four steps to help you make more friends, become more popular, and have more fun at school.

But probably none of you are interested in *that*.

Dr. J

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