I just want to be friends

okay now i really hope i dont sound like some horrible person here but i have a problem. i have a boyfriend and i really like him-as a friend. he on the other hand is crazy in love, i dont want to break up with him because he’ll cry and be sad which i dont want. i know i should tho especially since iv come very close to cheating on him with this other guy. i really like the other guy and sometimes its very hard not to just cheat especially since my boyfriend will never find out. And i cant just stop seeing either of the guys b/c im friends with them both…i dont know what to do…help!!
dazed & confused

Dear d&c,
There is a simple rule of thumb for this: treat him the way you’d want to be treated in that situation. You’ve just got to level with him. If you don’t, you’re both going to end up getting more hurt. Tell your boyfriend you really like him but, increasingly, only as a friend. Say something like “You’re a great guy, but I don’t feel this is the best relationship for both of us.” Although what you are saying is hard to say (and hear), if you say it in a compassionate, caring way, that will help ease the trauma.

(Oh and P.S. if you cheat he’ll find out. I’ll tell him. No for real, that kind of thing always comes out. Plus, you will be depositing bad relationship karma in your lifetime account and it will come back to haunt you three times worse. At least.)
(Also, lying causes zits)
(For real! Its SCIENCE.)
(Some Scientists even say that is really what happened to Pinocchio, that it wasn’t his nose that grew when he lied but a zit ON his nose. That is what lying can do.)
(What? You didn’t? Yes, Pinocchiology is a very famous branch of Science.)

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