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individuality is really important to me, and I like to be different, clothes-wise, etc. But, there’s this girl, who I’ve known for a while, and who just copies me in everything! It started off with her buying the same shoes as me, not a big deal, but then she went and got exactly the same hair cut as me, and then she started to find out what books I was reading and she got them as well! It’s just getting worse every day, what do I do?
Going crazy

Dear GC—
Clearly this is a big compliment she’s paying you: she pretty much thinks you are the freezer section at the local supermarket, you’re so cool. She likes your look and your vibe wants to copy it.

It sounds to me like your superpower is to Exude the Cool. Having people follow your lead is an occupational hazard of Cool super heroines. People are always trying to get some of your icy coolness to rub off on them. But you can make sure that happens in a way that doesn’t feel like its eroding your personal style.

Here’s how: build on the respect your friend obviously feels for you to help guide her to find her own style. Say things like “I saw this shirt I think would look really cute on you with those pants you have” or “I heard about this book I think you’d really like,” or “oooh, this hat is So You!”. She’ll be flattered that you thought of her, and inclined to try it because your taste is so good. That way you use your superpower of Coolness for good, spreading the cool, building a friend’s confidence, and making the world a better place. Take that global warming!


Dr. J

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