Friends Don’t let Friends Become Boring

Dear Michele,

I have a friend and ALL she talks about is this kid who shes “so in love with.” I’m so tired of hearing about him, how do I stop her from talking about him to me without being rude?

annoyed to death

Dear Annoyed,
Oooh I so know what you are talking about. Its like your friend has been taken over by the Boring Trolls. There is only one way to conquer the Boring Trolls: by invoking the theme song of their arch nemeses…the Smurfs!

That is right. While your friend is talking, you should just sit and hum the smurf song until it is over.

Just kidding. There are actually three (other) things you can do to try free your friend from the clutches of the Boring Trolls:

Make it a game: jokingly say “Okay, today is Wednesday and that means its BFD–Boy Free Day. We’re not allowed to talk about guys at all and if either of us does, they have to pay the other one a dollar.”

Make it a challenge: say, “why don’t you stop talking about him and go talk TO him. I double dare you.” That should either get her to put up or shut up.

Make it impossible: only meet her at the movies or library, places where she’s not allowed to talk. Or only while eating toffee.

You can, of course, just say to her “Please please PLEASE can we talk about something else for HALF AN HOUR? I AM BEGGING HERE.” Which might work. But it will probably work better if money, dares or toffee are involved. I’m just saying.

(And if none of that helps, you can remind yourself of how the smurf theme song goes here)


Dr. J

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