Bye bye why why?

Dear Dr. Jaffe:

I have a problem with my guy friend. We are ‘a little bit more than just friends but still just friends’ in other words we are friends but we flirt with each other a lot. The problem is that he’s moving this summer. How do I say good-bye to him without getting mushy and/or weepy and making it all uncomfortable? (And he knows I likehim)

An amigo at loss for words

Dear Amigo,
Saying adios to a friend is always rough, and trying to hide your true feelings while you do it is like an extra helping of challenge salsa on the side. The best way to keep yourself from bursting into tears is to say whatever you want, but as a joke. So for example you could say:

“I hope the girls at your new school appreciate all the excellent training I gave you in the fine art of flirting. If you ever need to practice, give me a call.”

Or: “God, just thinking about how much you’re going to miss me makes me a little teary.”

Or: “Don’t make me get mushy on you. Because I can.”

Or, if you find yourself sniffling say, “Wow, my allergies are acting up,” and laugh.

But there’s another school of thought that says you have nothing to lose by saying to him, “Thanks for all the great flirting. Nobody does it better. I’m really going to miss you.” And then running to the girls bathroom really fast before you burst into tears.


Dr. J

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