Take Back Wednesdays

Dear Michele,

I hate Wednesdays. Is there anything I can do to get over that?

Dear Humpy,

Help is on the way! Our dedicated Adviceopolis scientists working tirelessly in the lab have come up with a cure for the Common Wednesday, something to add some spice to what feels like the longest day of the week. Its a new feature called Wednesday Why Not (WWN).

Here’s how it works: every week on Wednesday you have to do something that is either:

a. Very nice
b. Very brave

That means that Wednesday is the day to (these are just examples; make up your own) give a friend an extra compliment, bake cookies for a team, reach out to that girl who sits alone at lunch, clean up your room without being asked; OR Wednesday is the day to go up and talk to that person you’ve been crushing on, get a new haircut, try out going from prep to goth, have a hard conversation with a friend, sign up to audition for the school play.

Once you’ve done your nice-slash-brave thing, it’s time to brag about it! Write to me about what you did and what happened at advice@michelejaffe.com (and please mention whether you are over or under thirteen). As your reward for being nice-slash-brave, I’ll choose one person at random to win a Bad Kitty t-shirt, and you might even get your WWN act published here! In Adviceopolis! For all to see and admire! Plus of course the zillion gold stars and chocolate chip cookies I’ll be sending you in my mind.

But the real reward is that not only will you have something to make Wednesday stand out from the crowd, but by being so cool yourself, you’ll amass tons of credit in the Bank of Good Karma and people will start being cooler to you. For. Real. Then everyone’s a WWNer!
So stop reading and get banking!


Dr. J

Need Advice? Mail your questions for publication to advice@michelejaffe.com. The doctor can't promise to answer them all, but she'll do her best. (By sending a question you grant permission to have it appear here. Letters may be edited. Advice is for entertainment purposes only. No blaming us later okay? Okay.)

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