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With The Water Nymph Michele Jaffe steps into the shadows of Renaissance England for a sublime adventure of daring duplicity and irresistible passion.

     Sophie Champion is caught in a most awkward circumstance when she meets the imperiously dashing Crispin Foscari, known as the Earl of Scandal. After all, the smart, strikingly beautiful young lady happens to be disguised as a man. And she happens to be standing over a corpse. Having come to seek the truth behind the suspicious death of her godfather, she finds herself instead caught in a tangled web of clues and deceit designed to implicate her in the murder. Only the Earl of Scandal himself can unravel the web--and he has a mysterious agenda of his own.
     As suddenly as their paths crossed, so now are Crispin and Sophie locked in a seductive battle of wits and wills, mutual distrust, and magnetic attraction. Crispin presents Sophie with a tantalizing proposition: they agree to pen their deepest desires, lock their notations away, and whoever discovers the true identity of the murderer first is granted his--or her--secret wish...
     But neither imagined that the bold gamble would sweep them into London's darkest corners...or ensnare them in a clandestine ring of blackmailers. No longer trusting the promises of friends of the benevolence of strangers, Sophie and Crispin struggle to unmask a growing passion--and stay alive--as they venture into a realm where love is a secret killer....waiting to strike again.

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From the book THE WATER NYMPH by Michele Jaffe,
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Secret, Secret?